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Challenged by your relationship with Money?

Image by Doran Erickson
Money Coaching: Welcome
Money Coaching: About

Money coaching is much different than accounting and finance. It is a world where psychology, personal history, and finances meet together. We delve into your childhood, thoughts around money, and how it has likely affected each and every aspect of your life. 

You can open the door to a life where money supports you in your vision, purpose and happiness.

It is possible that you, like so many of us, have challenges with this powerful force we call “money.”  These challenges manifest in a variety of ways:

  • Spending money in ways which do not support your goals and purpose

  • Spending beyond your means and using credit cards to make ends meet

  • Overspending to calm stress

  • Underearning or undervaluing your skills and talents

  • Living in deprivation

  • Feeling worry about money, no matter how much or how little you have or are making

  • A sense of overwhelm or vagueness when it comes to financial details

As you delve into the money coaching work, you will discover that money is an energy that reflects your beliefs, hopes, and fears.  You will see the ways that your life experiences have influenced your relationship with money.  You’ll gain insight into your parents’ patterns around money and how you have reacted to or embraced those patterns.  As we partner to heal these challenges, you will discover freedom from your blocks to abundance and move toward the realization of your ideal life. 

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