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Do you want someone to explain your tax return to you and provide tax planning?

Do you trust your past tax returns were completed accurately?

Let me help to accurately strategize the best tax planning and preparation for you.

Friends Do Not Let Friends Use TurboTax!

Do it yourself software often attempts to make decisions only an experienced tax professional has the knowledge to answer appropriately. TurboTax and software similar to it use minimal amount of data to make important decisions that could have ramifications lasting several years. 

For example, if a new vehicle is purchased, TurboTax will attempt to fully depreciate the vehicle during the first year, even if there is little to no tax benefit. Once this choice has been made the taxpayer cannot choose the Standard Mileage deduction, which would have likely been a more lucrative tax deduction for all years following the year the vehicle was put into service.

Tax Planning/Prep: Services

As an IRS Enrolled Agent,
Gleaton Consulting is here to provide you with professional tax services

Many CPAs know little about taxes.

*An enrolled agent (EA) is a federally licensed tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers for audits, collections and appeals before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service.

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